Priceless TV Commercials by Arijón

Via: Blog do Arijón

This post is dedicated to my friends from abroad:

Most of you should remember that I also work as an actor for TV commercials. And I’ve recently found 4 of these over the internet. The Mastercard ad is still running here in Brazil. Here they are:

1)Mastercard commercial
2)Sprite commercial:
(click on “Alex Miranda”, one of the directors, than look for “Sprite: Handsome Guy” under the video window)
3) Nova Schin beer: search in Rodolfo Vanni’s reel and click on “Schincariol – Nova Schin” (the frame with the bald waiters)
4) Fox car: the same path above, but look for “Fox – Festa”

5) And there’s a music video that I directed with my good friend Rafael Nasser. The artist is Nuno Mindelis and the song is “Tenho Medo”. Watch it below. It was shot with the JVC GY-HD100. Nice camera…

I hope you all enjoy!!



The Zombie Walk

The blog ::: FOGO NAS ENTRANHAS ::: has invited all bloggers to show up at this quite bizarre event in São Paulo. The Zombie Walk has been organized in several cities around the world and after the march all the zombies get together to party on.

Making Pizza with Potatoes

Looks tasty huh? Well here is the recipe:


  • Potatoes
  • Tomatoes
  • Olive Oil
  • Garlic
  • Muzzarela
  • Salsa

Preparing: Cut the potatoes in three slices. Make some holes on it at take it to the oven. When they almost get ready, you add the garlic on top of it and a little bit of olive oil. When the potatoes get soft, you add the tomato plus the salsa and the muzzarela. When the cheese starts melting it´s ready for consumption! Enjoy!

Via: Cozinha Fácil e Feliz

Check Out Cool Designed Products

DesignStore is a blog by professor Edson Ramos which has great posts about design on products, such as this cool design for a Nokia cell phone.

See here his other posts.

Great Cartoons from Brazil

Check out some great cartoons at Traços e Troços by  Rivaldo Barboza

The Best Viral Videos From Youtube

The guys from the Bambuzada Team have created a viral list of videos which they distribute every weekend. Check out all their listings of videos here

#1 – Best of Urban Art
#2 – Graffitti no trem
#3 – Graffitti com leds!
#4 – Painter Sketch
#6 – Red Bull Free Style!
#7 – Topless no Google Earth
#8 – JEREMIAS Muito Loco
#9 – Gonna make slugs sweat

Source: Marketing de Guerrilha

Kaká and his short answers

  • Date of birth: 22/04/1982
  • Name: Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite
  • Natural from: Brasília (DF)
  • Hight: 1,85m
  • Weight: 78 kg
  • Ideal Girl: “Tall, beautiful, nice, caring and God’s servent
  • Hobby: To Play tenis, bowling, sing at karaokes,watch movies, listen to gospel musica and play videogame.
  • Female Singer: Aline Barros
  • Male Singer: Djavan
  • Book: The Bible
  • Drink: Water and pineapple juice
  • Food: Picanha ao alho e óleo e feijoada
  • Clothes: Empório Armani
  • Perfume: Calvin Klein & Hugo Boss
  • Pleasure:To Play Soccer
  • Beautiful Woman: Fernanda Lima
  • Civil State: “Always Single”
  • Idol: Jesus
  • Pets: Ranny,a poodle
  • Dreams: Besides his soccer ambitions, to have a family, to buy a house, and have 2 kids and lots of dogs
  • Who’s Kaká?: Humble boy,from the evangelic church, looking to do only the right things
  • Position: Mid-Field
  • Father: Bosco Izecson Pereira Leite, civil engineer
  • Mother: Simone Cristina dos Santos Leite, teacher
  • Brother: Rodrigo Izecson Santos Leite, student
  • Girlfriend: Carol, socialite from São Paulo
  • World Cup: A great objective.
  • Other profession: if not soccer player, then civil engineer
  • Parents: The base of my creation and education.
  • What you do outside the fileds?: Stay with the family and watch movies
  • What can´t miss in your pocket: Money…
  • Shopping Center: Morumbi
  • Traveling: Camboriú, Santa Catarina.
  • Sex: WIth love and safety
  • Favorite Site: Hotmail, to check e-mails.
  • Flirting: I prefer to have serious relationships
  • What seduces you: A look, a smile
  • Why you laughing?: Im always laughing! Im a happy person

Source: Garota Plugada